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Balconies and plants in pots


  If you love apartment plants then you know that during the summer it is good to keep the plants on the balcony in order to enjoy sun and air as much as possible. However, when you move the plants on the balcony, it is good to also consider the orientation of the balcony according to the cardinal points.

The south-oriented balcony gives your plants lots of light and warmth. This means you will have to wipe them regularly, preferably once every second day, so that the sun’s rays will quickly dry up the earth. Moreover, it is advisable to use large pots. If the plant is in a very small pot, the soil will dry quickly and it will not have enough water.

On the opposite side is the north-oriented balcony. It is not recommended that plants that prefer the sun to stay in a north-oriented balcony because the environment will be shaded for big part of the day. Because the soil in the pots will not dry out easily, it is recommended not to use too much water when you wet the plants. You’re rustling them and the roots will rot.

The west-oriented balcony is usually more exposed to the wind. You have to use large pots for plants and wipe them regularly, because the wind will quickly dry up the soil.

If your balcony is east-oriented, the plants will enjoy the sunshine and the warmth. So you have to keep in mind the same rule of  large pots, as well as the regular rule of plant watering

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