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Garden relaxing

  If you have a courtyard or garden, you would certainly want a corner where you can enjoy free time outside. And because anyone wishes also protection against the intense summer sun or unexpected rains, a gazebo seems to be a good solution. But the secret of getting a relaxing space, possibly a guest place, is not to crowd  more functions in a small area. If it is to be dedicated to contemplation, reading and other soothing activities, it is good to treat the gazebo as an outdoor living room and not as an entire living area, that is, with a dining room and a kitchen.
The location of the gazebo counts a lot, especially when he wants to be a relaxing space, because in front of his eyes it is nice to have the garden. It is known that nature has the gift of adjusting our breath, the heart rate, it gives us a good state of mind, just contemplating it. It also counts in the location of the gazebo and the “next door” of the high vegetation, the trees, which can naturally provide shade during the day, and during the rain can fade its rope, while winter, much of the snow and they can wear it on the crowns. Outside lighting also matters for visibility and atmosphere, as well as protection against insects.

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