Hedgerow, Outdoor


  Now, the trend tends to use natural elements as a substitute for artificial ones. The reason is very simple: those natural are visibly more aesthetically and are not so demanding regarding maintenance.

This is the case of hedgerow. Besides the aesthetically aspect, which can greatly improve the appearance of your yard, the hedgerows are multifunctional: they offers shade, they give you the intimacy you need, they protect against wind and they provide shelter for birds and insects. Shortly, there is no reason not to plant a hedgerow.

Hedgerows can be cataloged according to several criteria: if they are trimmed or not, and if they are evergreen (not wilted) or seasonal. Depending on these criteria, hedgerows must be properly groomed to serve the purpose for which you plant them. Of course, if the possibility of choosing a particular species is at your fingertips, you can get a result that will meet your expectations and will amazed you.

The ideal time for planting the hedgerow is in early autumn in September or November. The reason why hot seasons should be avoided is the fact that during them the evaporation of liquids through the leaves is high and damages the growth.

Hedgerows are a simple solution to offer another face to your court, then you will be envied of those who will have the opportunity to admire them.

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